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Diet & Nutrition

What exactly is a 'balanced diet'?

To stay healthy, all pets need protein, carbohydrates (including fibre), fats, vitamins and minerals as well as water. However, the levels of each can vary depending on the 'lifestage' of the pet.

A 'life-stage' diet is one designed to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs within a specific age group or during a specific physical state such as pregnancy. For most owners this means providing a puppy food, adult food and senior food. Manufacturers also have further  options for weaning, juniors, nursing, ageing dogs and all sorts of other life stages. Some brands, on the other hand, provide a single 'all life-stage' food to be used right from weaning through to old age.

Dogs and cats nutritional needs are very different. Cats are strict carnivores, so their diet is mostly meat based (with nutrients derived from meats).

'Life stage' diets

Puppy & Kitten

Dog & Cat Pals


Dog Outdoors


Golden retriever

Growing puppies/kittens need more calories along with higher levels of vitamins, minerals, fats and protein to encourage healthy development.

Bone density is important at this stage of life as growth is rapid and a healthy diet can ensure that they reach their full growth potential.

Dietary requirements for adult cats and dogs can vary depending on their lifestyle. As owners we should consider how often they exercise, body weight, breed, overall condition and whether they are inside cats.

Having the right diet can help prevent such issues as dental disease, obesity and even urinary issues in cats.

As pets grow older, there is a greater need for additional nutrients to help support organ function. Senior pets are more likely to suffer from deteriorative issues as they grow older such as:

-Mobility issues (Arthritis)

-Kidney disease

-Poor coat condition

-Poor dental hygiene

-Decreased immunity

For example, an older dog will need a good, well-balanced diet that is lower in calories, higher in fiber and has adequate protein and fat.

Are you worried about your pets weight gain or loss? Would you like you information about nutrition?

Did you know how that our veterinary nurses can assist you with your pets diet? These clinics are free to attend and can be extremely beneficial for you and your pets to ensure that their weight is on the right track!

Contact us on 01633 848450 for more details and to book your appointment.

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