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Fireworks night

BANG!!!! BANG!!!

​As Bonfire night draws closer it is important that we keep our pets safe. Fireworks frighten animals, here are a few tips to help your pet during the firework celebrations

Give your dog or cat somewhere to hide that they have access to at all times.

Walk Dogs during the daylight hours. Keep cats and dogs indoors when it is more likely fireworks are going to be let off.

At night, close all the curtains and turn on the radio to mask the sound of loud fireworks

Never punish your pets when they are scared. This may make things worse in the future.

Arrange a separate play area with your pets favourite toys and treats. 

Try and comfort and pet your pet, never force them to stay in one place.

If you have pets that live in enclosures outside, partially cover one end of their enclosure to soundproof the noise. Make sure they have additional bedding to bury into.

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