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Our Current Offers

Canine Cruciate Repair

We are now able to offer Canine cruciate repairs using the MMP technique at a fixed price.

Benefits include:

  • No waiting Lists

  • Shorter recovery times

  • More affordable than some other procedures

Available from January 2023

Jill Jab Alternatives

ferret offer 4 2023.jpg

4.7mg (smaller implant)£130 incl. general anaesthesia

Lasts approx 10-18 months

9.4mg (Larger implant)

£230 incl. general anaesthesia

Lasts approx 16-48 months


Implant in August prior to season

Avoids the complications of castration and spaying

Dental Package - Cats and Dogs

Dental offer June 23.jpg

Scale and Polish with extractions.

Fixed Price of £499

Benefits include:

  • Pre-Anaesthetic bloods

  • General Anaesthetic

  • Intravenous fluids

  • Scale and polish, including extractions

  • Pain relief to go home with.

  • 2 x post operative checks

Available from June 2023-24

Puppy and Kitten Packs

Puppy and Kitten offer 2023.jpg

Puppy packs £85

Kitten packs £85

Benefits include:

  • Health check

  • Primary vaccination course (2 injections)

  • Initial flea/worming treatment

  • Microchip and registration

  • Nurse checks until the age of 1 year

  • 10% discount neutering

*Offer currently only available to new pet owners

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